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A comprehensive guide to eating raw and whole foods discussing the benefits of ‘raw vs, cooked’ and “whole vs. processed.” The author uses personal experience, published studies, quotes, and more to describe the benefits of eating raw food and provides recipes and how-to tips.

Anne Osborne writes from lived experience. Path to Paradise is the foundational guide to adopting and maintaining a FRUITARIAN DIET to attain maximum health as well as protecting  and evolving the ecology of the planet.

Gustav Schlickeysen presents a most credible case to prove, upon the ground of physical organization and original habit, that man is by nature frugivorous, using this word in its broadest sense, so as to include fruits, grains and nuts, and that these are sufficient to maintain him in a perfect condition of physical and mental health.

Dr. Doug Graham  recommends we maintain a diet of whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic, seasonal, sweet, fruits, plus a large green salad  everyday, and  supplement with small amounts of raw nuts and seeds.

The author Ross Horne, describes the origins of cancer and other so-called diseases of civilization and the natural measures required to avoid and control them that relies on a diet of fresh fruits and greens.

Frederic Patenaude writes from lived experience on a raw food diet. He tells us why we might struggle on the raw food diet – experience constant cravings, irritable moods and overall  lethargy and how to ‘eat right’ to avoid these pitfalls and go onto thrive.

Colin Campbell Ph. D and his son Thomas M. Campbell M.D. present the facts surrounding the root cause of cancers, diabetes, obesity and arthritis – animal products. Based on well over 750 studies done over a 35 year period by various researchers, doctors and surgeons, The China Study presents empirical data that proves that our diet overall and animal proteins specifically are the root cause for most of the diseases/ailments of affluence.

This is a foundational book for Communitarians to acquire an understanding  of the principles of Living Nutrition and human physiology. It presents a fascinating theory that our ancestors where specialized fruit eaters, but separation from this food source around 200,000 years ago had a harmful effect on body chemistry. The research makes a compelling argument that the post separation diet has caused the human brain to devolve far from its evolutionary peak. 

‘Whole’ is an eye-opening, paradigm-changing journey through cutting-edge thinking on nutrition, a scientific tour de force with powerful implications for our health and for our world. Presented by the co-author of ‘The China Study’, T. Colin Campbell explains the ways our current scientific paradigm ignores the fascinating complexity of the human body, and why, if we have such overwhelming evidence that everything we think we know about nutrition is wrong, our eating habits haven’t changed.

Dr. H.K. Bakhru explains the details and benefits of a variety of natural therapies. He explains how natural food, natural elements, yoga and more generally, the observance of the laws of nature, enables those suffering to overcome their diseases.

The sun shines its energy and the clouds pour their rain down onto the earth. Plants absorb that energy and rain, allowing them to grow and produce even more plants. When we consume those plants — their leaves, roots, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and/or seeds — we are taking in the sun’s energy and the healthiest, purest filtered water in the world. 

Ehret’s basic philosophy was that every disease is related to a mucus-clogged system that is the result of the accumulation of undigested and unnatural food substances, commencing in childhood. He believed that vitality depends on removing these obstructions.

Anna Kingsford, a celebrated and prolific but tragically short-lived author, feminist, medical doctor, mystic, vegetarian, and anti-vivisectionist.  She became one of the first British women medical doctors, and turned her dissertation into a book, ‘The Perfect Way in Diet’: A treatise advocating a return to the natural and ancient Food of our race – a bloodless diet of fruit, nuts, seeds and grains.

Sidney Beard was a leading proponent of the vegetarian movement and a popular lecturer at universities and community halls.   His early writings included a host of incendiary titles — Ten Reasons Why the Use of Flesh-Food should be Abandoned by All Humane, Cultured, Philanthropic and Religious Persons, and Is Flesh-Eating Morally Defensible? before publishing the above titled book in 1902.

Dr Graham presents the facts of the negative side of grain production and consumption. The case is explored from angles such as the history of grain use, nutrition, ecology, energy, addiction, sports performance, health, disordered eating, and much more