Daily Observances

personal enrichment


For the communitarian committed and determined to live a life on purpose, the first essential practice of the day begins with a review and affirming of their personal values and goals. The reason communitarians rise at the hour before dawn is to gain clarity around the purpose and plan of action for the day.  

No clarity of purpose or place equates to an erosion of empowerment. No motivation, no action, no outcome, no progression – with the result life becomes one long boring inefficient disconnected useless dull trance.

goal setting

deliberate creation

Dissolving Armour 


The practice of counting our blessing, all that we have and hold is the key to happiness and manifesting your dreams

contemplation of the earthly & cosmic elements


active meditation

Sweat your Prayers


Progression and productivity are the fruits of daily alignment with our values, mission and vision, coupled to the practice of gratitude, active meditation, goal setting and the execution of ‘planned action’. 

If the Communitarian Unions are to be installed across the globe as demonstrations of universal, sustained, peace founded on sharing resources that sustain life, liberty, health and happiness, the practice of conscious progression and productivity cannot be negated on a personal or group level. It will never ‘come to pass’ if communitarians remain content to merely theorize about possibilities.