primal foundations of

evolved Relational Expression

All across the globe societies of every size and structure are slowly becoming aware of the necessity to liberate the basic sex act from its considerably contorted historical, cultural, religious and instinctual shackles. For communitarians, it is essential to expect and ‘make ready’ for the probability that the very foundations of society’s ‘begetting’ will rupture – blown apart as if exploded by a bomb.

At its most basic, liberating the way we so-call ‘love’ each other will inevitably organically restructure every aspect of human existence; collapsing the chaos, destructive competition and isolation of separatist societies across land and sea. This gradual; from the ground up reform, is projected to provide the vital sensibility for the current generations to move beyond blindly continuing to litter urban, suburban and rural landscapes with billions of chaotic unsustainable separatist micro-kingdoms.

The separatist micro-kingdoms we speak of, have had time enough to prove themselves incapable of providing reasonable access to the components that sustain the means of lives ‘worth living’ for the majority of citizens across the globe. Instead, these relationship designs have proven to be indulgent, fear-inspired, debt-ridden, dungeons, devoid of the components to sustain peace and shared equitable secure generational prosperity. These environmental, social and economic disasters are no less than blights infecting otherwise natural self-regulating, self-replenishing landscapes.

Yet conscious sustained progression in the areas of developing suitable integrated human habitat is easy to talk about, yet much harder to achieve in concrete terms; however not impossible. Finding answers to the question – ‘how do we reconstruct human habitat capable of meeting the real needs of people, planet and animals’, requires the concerted effort and focus of local, regional and global networked community-wide forums capable of devising project and action plans that include courage to tackle an overhaul of ‘conjugal structures’ that are long overdue.

While many may openly acknowledge the need for the creation of specialist forums on these topics, how do we begin the conversation when discussing sexual expression and the machinations of the sexual psyche are such taboo, public subjects? Although the majority of the population may find it difficult to venture into this neck of the woods, many within the current younger generations are eager to explore alternate narratives around lifestyles and love-styles. These most necessary investigations will be borne of conscious and deliberate effort to unearth authentic natural sexual expression, as well as, develop psychosexual awareness and progression towards healing the generational wounds of castrated societies.

From the fourth year of association, onwards, communitarians engage in weekly events and workshops to practice the art of pleasuring and also aim to develop an in-depth understanding and practical application of psycho-sexual progression. If and when the practice of liberated living and loving is widely adopted as a matter of intelligent human, social and environmental reasoned efficiency, the practice will bring far-reaching implications bound to affect not only the rustle and bustle of bedroom sheets, but also constitute a radical shift in the physical instruments as well as social and moral design of human habitats at their very core.

No doubt under this relational design, some will lose, while the majority will gain a significant increase in health, wealth, stability and overall satisfaction with their quality of life, including the quality of their relationships and support systems, along with opportunities for educational development and adventure.

In ‘The Function of Orgasm’, the infamous psycho-analyst, Wilhelm Reich, openly presents that inconvenient truth of evident human biological design: ‘sexual needs can only be gratified with one and the same partner for a limited time only.’ Like it or not, this is the inescapable design of biology that stubbornly refuses to be overridden; no matter how outwardly technologically advanced and cosmically knowledgeable we humans consider ourselves.

Acknowledged or denied by the institution and expectations of marriage, as well as, other forms of one-on-one bonding, and exclusive blood-ties that legitimize access to property and possessions, internally the primal man and woman reigns without exception. It is a well-documented fact that the natural biological demand for diversity of experience and exposure to ‘contrasts and novelty’ has always trailed and overshadowed mankind’s claim to have evolved beyond the animal state. Recognised or not, this drive operates in the background, conspiring to depose society’s civilizing gallows of imposed anti-life morality. In the most cunning and covert ways – through fantastic fantasies, the primal has its way.

Accept it or not, diversity is the unconscious psycho-sexual program installed within the species. It is the driver – the script inlaid within the subconscious of both sexes, remaining un-deposed since the beginning of time.

Liberating instinctual 'inclusive love'

In the same chapter of ‘The Function of Orgasm,’ Reich goes on to extrapolate our conflictual inherent tormenting predicament. ‘On the other hand, the economic tie, moralistic demand and human habit foster the permanency of the relationship. This results in the wretchedness of marriage.’ 

Inevitably it does for no other reason than this singular, exclusive and demanded societal bonding, faces off with the core strength and determination of nature itself. When the repelling impulse kicks-in; as it naturally does, as it must in order to drive those coupled-up to disperse and diversity their ‘interests’, unavoidably this impulse must be overridden – that is if the mortgage is to be paid on the roof over the couple’s head and the food replenished within the fridge, along with numerous other bills, paid.

To better explain this confusing aspect of our unconscious or coerced behaviour, it is once again, apt to turn to Reich.  In the chapter titled, ‘The Abortive Biological Revolution’, Reich offers a disturbing summary of human domestic situations, which although originally written in 1942, distressingly remains true and relevant to our present day relational structures.  Reich lays many charges against this unnatural institution, convicting the majority of mankind of ignorance and childishness when he delivers the punchline: ‘And so what replaces naturalness within the martial relationship; and stands barring diverse shared partnerships and human friendship, are a guise and sentiment of fatherliness and motherliness, hooked upon mutual slavish dependency — in short, by disguised incest.’

The accusation that the bulk of societies raise children within environments of disguised incest is of course, a monstrous affront to most. Naturally, it is a characteristic of society’s underpinning structure that is too shameful to own. Thus, the charge is dismissed and societies north, south, east and west – go on as before, without reflection or remedy.  Is it any wonder that this prophet and seer, who offered up his message to a world yet without ‘ears to hear and eyes to see,’ was thrown into jail and left there to rot until he was relieved of punishment for ‘telling it like it is’ only through the mercy of death.

Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich

excavating authentic sensibilities

Even so, all that Reich lays bare, if we dare to see it, if we dare to open our eyes and ears, is all around us all the time. In every street and suburb – legions of husbands and wives as well as live-in de facto couples, act as if they are brother and sister. It is this frustrated cesspool of platonic impotent behaviour that permeates the air, barely able to cover over the pure unadulterated competition. Anyone who did not know any better would think these average duplicated couples, living within slums, within middle-class suburbs, and likewise, well-to-do gated estates, were indeed related by blood. The design and outcome of these relationships, present no different than brothers and sisters who are forced to compete for the meagre resources, affections and attentions, supplied by shared parentage.

Reich outright accuses the masses of a biological sell-out – naturalness put asunder due to the demands of church, state and the capitalist economy. The shame of our true state as Reich dares to expose it, is so utterly incompatible with the image we have ourselves that we have no other choice but to put a suit and tie on the ape. Nevertheless, underneath the animal remains the same. In our case, we dress the natural man up in a suit and pronounce him civilized, yet underneath he remains driven by the same primal instincts for diversity and challenge via variety of experience.

Likewise, we have put a pair of high-heels on the cavewoman, painted her lips with a coat of lipstick and slung her bare breasts in a push-up bra; yet in doing so is the primal within, fundamentally collapsed? Is she and he, still not what they are; psycho-socially and psycho-sexually inherent primates, instinctively drawn towards the association, protection, support and variety of social and sexual stimulation that is only able to be provided by the larger numbers within naturally associative clans.

Diversity of Relationships

loving more... evolving primal instincts

In this light, the question which begs an intelligible answer, arises: is exclusive pair-bonding; one-on-one coupling, a progression or a regression away from the development and fulfilment of human potential?

If the draw to associate beyond exclusiveness is little more than an insignificant daft leftover stain of primitive drives that fairly and squarely belongs to our primate ancestors; why in all the ages that have come and gone, have we not managed to overcome the secret or overt compulsion to ‘love inclusively’ a broader range of people, beyond a singular spouse, till death do us part? Similarly, we might also ask; if exclusive pair-bonding is meant to elevate mankind beyond the backward state of primitive tribespeople, why is it that populations who have assumed the exclusive singular pair-bonded, organization of society, not achieved greater milestones within the context of human evolution – beyond inequality, beyond domestic violence, beyond war, beyond famine, beyond disease, beyond pollution… beyond wasting the world?

Under the imposed control of self-interested clergy, corporations and political wielder-dealers driven by motives for profit and power, humankind’s advance toward true evolutionary progression has stagnated.  Seems the objectives of religion, politics and the vested interest of capitalist greed have never run concurrent with the natural man; never permitted her or him to develop. Instead, the powers that be have done all they can to shame and suppress the naturalness of woman, man and child. For millennia, from every conceivable angle, a multiple of foe have tried to depose the primal instincts for ‘big love’ of both man and woman. Still, these primal instincts refuse to go quietly, or to go at all. The primal holds on for dear life – protesting as well as defeating at every turn, the betrayal of the natural, the instinctive yearning for inclusive diversity of deep abiding love, support and affection.

All that is inherent to our original biological cast, besets and shadows us. It cannot be shaken. Is the civilized man or woman winning; or it the primal man and woman standing their psychic ground, refusing to budge, and even winning ground in the current age?