Living Simply

Evolved ethical social, economic & ecological consumption

In the context of achieving union with as many others as possible who align with communitarian principles and practices, simple living constitutes the foundational tenet of ‘One Cloak. Adopting the lifestyle and love-style of ‘Living Simply’ provides the rationale for the essential ‘stripping away’ of all that keeps us apart.

Fundamentally, the practice of minimalist consumption provides the soil into which the seeds of unity are planted.  In order to ‘grow’ into the ‘common life’, which sees many harmoniously ‘holding all things in common’, the negative and destructive habits of glamour, vanity, hording and waste that causes separation from the greater whole of union with people and nature, must be transcended. 

Gaining Freedom through Conscious Consumption

Initially, many mistakenly perceive adopting ‘simple living’ as restrictive; a mode of living that reduces rather than adds to happiness, contentment and overall richness of experience. However, for those well-advanced in aligning everyday living with the principles and practice of simple living, conscious consumption actually results in a host of meaningful gains that include more time, space, money, energy and attention; all of which are precious resources that we can be redirected toward what really matters in our lives and relationships.

As the majority of those practicing ‘simple living’ will attest, it is precisely the modes of consumptive discipline coupled to conscious moderation that give rise to concrete social and material abundance rather than deprivation or sacrifice in these critical areas of satisfaction with life as a whole. Through the practice of consciously limiting consumption, we gain freedom that gives us more time by working less as well as cleaning and maintaining less things.