Gestalt - a German word denoting a form, shape or configuration of a structure or experience, which when considered as a whole, has qualities that are more than the total of all its parts

GESTALT Practice is an ongoing program of group development intended to integrate awareness & communication skills to foster social harmony

Group development underpins the principle and practice of communitarian gatherings. Perfecting social interactions through group and personal development is only achieved through constant dedication to practice and improvement. For this reason, communitarians devote two full days and a half day to developing world-reforming personalities that include the capacities of leadership, mediation, project management and positive counsel. 

For the most part, this can only be achieved through group participation; bringing to the table the best manners, demonstrations of love, patience and intelligent reasoning that leads to right speech and action grown from the practice of conscious and continual discernment of conduct that yields the higher edifices of harmony, love, security, productivity, extension and continuance of all things healthful and sustaining.

Reaching the Heart of the Matter

The formal ‘Gestalt’ sessions are designed to lead the participants toward understanding and accommodating the vital ‘rubbing along together’ that creates the necessary experience of group ‘refinement’. Through the practice of ‘Proving’, as in proving bread, (causing it to ‘rise’), communitarians learn to welcome friction as the vital means of creating the ‘heat’ and ferment that germinates the seeds of constructive cohesion.

The practice of divining for ‘the heart of the matter’, critical ‘Proving’ aids in identifying the roots of conflict. Consciously seeking after ‘peace’ enables the communitarians to both speak through the ‘will to union’ as well as construct and accept offers of progressive resolutions to areas of personal and group discord. The practice of ‘Proving’ also aids the development of discernment that leads to gathering the instruments able to transform conflict into deeper understanding, and ultimately, peace born and sustained by genuine truth whose fruits are ‘love in action’.

It is for this reason communitarians eagerly and joyfully gather for the Gestalt sessions. It is a chance to learn, to improve – to love on deeper more satisfying levels, to evolve, to transform, to heal, to overcome separation and thus advance toward true union – sharing all with all. Communitarians recognise the instrument of gathering as leading the unions toward becoming a formative unit, a force of progression that begins with overcoming all that separates one from another. Therefore, ‘the birthplace’ of union is recognised as correction.

Keys to Individual & Group Harmony

The fundamental endeavour of the group gestalt sessions is to generate cohesion – group harmony that gives rise to the materialisation of evidenced courage to live by the principles and practices of peace and shared commonwealth prosperity.

It is to be understood that communitarians are not permitted to proselytise for the expressed reason that the adoption of the principles and practices of higher ethics comes not by coercion or convincing – nor by the carrot or the stick. Rather, adoption arrives via conscious study and practice of alignment of thought, word and deed born of the knowledge of the constitution and vision of peace and ‘common wealth’ shared prosperity. This attraction; this stepping up into higher ethical consciousness is risen within the individual, and thus in turn, the communal unions, via studying those who have demonstrated an intelligent ‘infusion’ of the vision and subsequent path toward societies arriving at a state of perpetual peace and shared prosperity.

Notably, the substantive quantity and quality communitarian wisdom is not able to be risen, instilled or sustained, nor converted into action via faith. Rather its conduits arrive and are grown via practicing ‘discernment’ of harmonic law. In other words, the communitarian commission is founded on rationale, born of divining practical wisdom, able to sustain communal life – a shared life that contributes to the sustained life, liberty and happiness of all living beings, while protecting, restoring, extending and honouring Earth’s vital eco-systems.

Character Refinement

The principal objectives of the weekly group gestalt ‘Proving’ session are designed to aid the individual communitarian’s advancement toward personal and group character refinement. The expressed aim is to achieve identifiable integration with the larger networks of communitarian social, provisioning and ecological reformers. Throughout the Gestalt sessions, it is essential that the group facilitators as well as participants remain focused on maintaining the flow and components of the gatherings toward understood and agreed progressive outcomes.

The main agenda will always be the seeding of organic opportunities for individual communitarians to supplement and complement all other participants on the path to ushering in the promised era of perpetual peace and common wealth prosperity through adopting and so arranging their lives to be a living testament to the evolved ethics of sharing all with all.  

The aggregate qualities of the communitarians who gather for the expressed purpose of creating demonstrations of unity, will assuredly over time, propagate local, regional and global networks capable of practically expressing creative and productive intelligent energy, well-qualified to lay the foundations for transforming human, animal and vegetative habitats from unstable collapsing misery, to secure stimulating harmonious wonderlands of peace and shared stable prosperity.

Communitarians purposefully advanced through ‘gathering’ understand that this transformation is initially progressed through personal mental effort; together with the diligent and lifelong study of psychology, physiology, ethics and planetary and cosmic ecology together with natural law.  As part of this mental transformation that underpins the social and ecological reformation of the individual attracted to the evolved organisation of society, the communitarian comprehends and responds to the necessity and benefits of participation in group analyses, insights, critiques, assessments and tutelage.

While the spheres of individual, societal, planetary and cosmic rationalised responsibilities and discerned commissions remain the central axis of the communitarian, slowly and progressively, the larger complex group endeavours – goals and projects, begin to be integrated into the dynamic constructive function of union. Thus, the individual communitarian’s life-path and progression becomes more defined and better known, and thereby easier to act upon as they rub along with those on the same path toward unity grown from the seed of sharing all with all.

It is to be acknowledged that initial integration into the objectives and desired outcomes of the ‘Group Gestalts’ will likely pose a variety of seemingly insurmountable challenges to both the individual and the group as a whole. However, participants can be assured that their commitment to ‘come together’ will, over time, weld and unify everyone who makes such a commitment to contribute and receive support from these therapeutic and transformational interactions. Inevitably, creating bonds of trust and understanding takes time and patience, combined with love and reverence for the overall objective of achieving perpetual peace and shared prosperity through unequivocal unity.  

Unity Beyond Mere Sentiment

To achieve sustained union with a diverse range of others, beyond mere sentiment, requires the practiced art of inclusive communication and the outpouring of genuine affection, consideration and understanding coupled to love on the part of each participant. Likely the cultivation and practical application of these attributes will be fairly easy for most communitarians to achieve. 

However, for some, reforming and refining their communication and higher-level intimacy skills, may present significant life-long challenges.  The key here is to identify and begin where each participant finds themselves and then to be open to constructive criticism, humbly asking and accepting feedback – patiently honing relationship skills, all the while celebrating progression and honouring as well as appreciating others’ gifts of support and insight.

As we face the repercussions of centuries of ineffectual domestic, societal, political and economic structures, the individual, no matter how talented who is concerned as well as operating exclusively to ensure their own survival and prosperity through selfish schemes and dreams of power and privilege are doomed to fail. Unmistakably there is a certain humanoid archetype staring down the barrel of extinction. The writing is on the wall – the separatist, the egotist, the selfish, the unkind, the violent, the cruel dominator types are in the throes of becoming obsolete.

Noticeably the growing avalanche of social media, climate change activists and political protests, advertise humankind’s simultaneous declining and advancing position.  There is overwhelming evidence that across the globe, the majority of cultures are waking in some way, part or otherwise, to perceptions of evolved ethics that are so radically advanced and non-traditional that we can barely recognise how to put them into practice. 

Nonetheless, percolating beneath this undeniable catastrophic decline, these non-conforming, non-exploitive visions and constructs of the way forward toward sustained social justice founded on principles that are capable of organising the production, harvest and distribution of the world’s resources in line with the principles of ‘From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.’

This principle which references the fundamental human birth-right to access the distribution of goods, capital and services is plainly distilled within all race and cultural creeds across the globe. As an ideal, it has distinctly remained embedded in the ethics and ideals of all but the most primitive barbaric religions and governments throughout all recorded history.

Evidently the person who has the will and cultivated capacity to combine their talents and resources with others, has been long sort after.  As race, cultural, gender, geographic, political, religious and provisioning prejudices, divides and exclusions fall, and if real effort is made on the part of ‘the first responders’ to the light of evolved ethics, the welding process will make significant progress towards affording united efforts to install, in practical terms, the fundamental facilities of governance of sharing all with all. 

Purposeful Collaborative Progression

The starting point necessitates that those who first perceive the path of union, practice integrating their ideas and ideals of personal attainment and satisfaction to the group requirements in order to arrive at a coordinated communitarian union that functions as a productive advancing unit. For this to be achieved, the vast majority will have to hasten their progress in certain directions, while far fewer will have to make a concerted effort to slow down theirs, temporarily, to the pace of the majority.

It is reasonable to expect that these adjustments of pace will happen automatically if and when the local communitarian gestalt unions and Sunday Celebration participants, come together to refine their personal and group goals as well as attempts toward functional union on all fronts. Much progress will be made when these efforts are combined with the efforts of the extended regional networks to identity the dominant factor in the thoughts and capabilities of each active local communitarian union. It will be then and only then that the natural desires for personal growth, prosperity, security and happiness finds its true purpose, place and position in the hierarchy of genuine human need and fulfilment. 

The intention of all communitarian unions on every level is to combine efforts the same way various departments of productive organisations collaborate to function effectively as a multifaceted unit. Therefore, all levels of the communitarian unions must strive to function smoothly and intelligently. This will only be achieved when the individual members of the unions and the individual unions, overcome the narrow focus of their own agendas by widening out their experiences and collaborations to create the fuller vision of sharing all with all on a global scale.

In order to achieve this ‘widening out’ of perspective, the rules of the weekly ‘Gestalt’ and ‘Sunday Celebrations’ gatherings, emphatically maintain that the feelings, reactions, wishes, disappointments, dissatisfactions, complaints or successes of the individual participant, are not permitted to take centre stage, nor to override the group enquiry and desire for positive productive movement toward resolving conflict, obstacles and creating unions founded on sustained peace and shared prosperity.

Solving Age-old Problems

Communitarians actively participate in the Gestalt and Sunday Celebrations gatherings with the aim of subjectively identifying, and thereafter, enthusiastically taking hold of the thread of subjects and input that raises the united rhythm of progressive resolution to age old problems. With training and practice, the communitarian becomes an avid reader and educated instrument for advancing the current of collaborative creativity. The communitarian begins to navigate the current with the expressed intention to ride the waves of collective enthusiasm to actualise the manifestation of desired collective goals. 

The acceptance that individual interest, comfort, privilege or profit to the exclusion of all others, must be kept in check to ensure the larger whole is served. Notably personalities will always raise or lower the group vibration. Each participant in the group will have many weaknesses and limitations which invariably hinder others in the group.  Nonetheless, each communitarian’s character handicaps must be acknowledged, and even valued as irritations that expose possible ‘logs’ logded within the sight of their fellow travellers on the path to perpetual peace and shared prosperity. It is to be accepted that even the most flawed individuals, are and can be, further awakened and enliven to achieve alignment to common goals and projects that result in bringing about local, regional and global communitarian unions able to achieve the arrangement of their unions on the principle and practice of sharing all with all.

Advancing Love In Action

The vital components of the weekly ‘gatherings’ will principally centre around aiding and uplifting as well as expanding the knowledge and skill-base of the entire assembly. Consequently, the point to be emphasised when considering the individual in the group and their group relations, is to overcome all suspicion, forbid all unproductive criticism and to hold each other unwaveringly in the light of love that translates to practical inclusion and thus abiding peace, shared provisioning and true unity.