establishing sustainable collaborative
communal unions as socio-economic eco-activism

Group Unity - the key to revolutionary change

Many species of birds very naturally and instinctively flock together – travel together, forage food together as well as roost together. In the city, in the country or at sea, birds of all kinds can be heard talking to each other – endlessly chattering, calling, whistling and singing with each other. All appear a happy bunch, so very content within their respective societies and species divisions.

When we look up into the sky and see great multitudes of birds flying overhead, it is common to notice that there is a straggler or two lagging behind. Often we hear them shrieking out as if to say – ‘Wait for Me! Wait for Me!’

Yearning for Union - friendship, support & stimulation

Similarly, many who are aligning with the principles and practices of communitarian union which includes transitioning and maintaining an evolved diet, sometimes feel the same way; as if they are lagging behind, not quite part of any flock – somewhere between two worlds – in no man’s land. Many newbies struggle with bridging the chasm between becoming part of vegan and socio-economic activist communities – and exiting the friendships and associations with those they no longer have enough in common to maintain viable relationships and mutual support networks.

Withdrawing from association with those who remain oblivious and obstinate about the pain and suffering caused by demanding innocent animals and the environment to be sacrificed for no more justification than satisfying corrupt appetites, can be extremely difficult, not to mention painful. The social isolation alone can be crippling, even beyond bearable for many. As a result; as if sheep, many who adopt a cruelty-free diet and lifestyle soon find themselves instinctively running back to the flock – trying once again to ‘hide within the territory of figurative ‘wolves.’

Untangling our emotions, affections and loyalties entwined within family and friendship circles that teem with tradition and expectations, as well as, outright condemnation for our new-found ethical and conscious diet and lifestyle can be experienced in one of two ways.  Either as a major relief – a weight off our shoulders; or on the opposite end of the scale – as bereavement, loss, rejection or major trauma. It is not uncommon for those transitioning to the communitarian lifestyle and love-style to even experience this ‘growing apart’ as a major crisis.   Yet as the majority of communitarians will attest, it is not impossible to survive and heal by making new relationships with those who share our same values, missions and goals.

Birds of a Feather - sustainable eco-activism project planning

From Separation to Unity

With courage and persistence, committed communitarians can find a way over and beyond the chasm to all that lays beyond in cleaner and greener pastures where ethical eating and lifestyle, establish emotionally and physically nourishing, strong, bonded and secure supportive communal unions. Within the unions, those in association will find communitarians united in their convictions to care about the ethics and the source of food they eat, the clothing they wear, the jobs they contribute their energies to, as well as the environmental footprint and legacy bestowed to future generations of people and all creatures great and small.

The famous Revolutionary Gustav Landauer believed that revolutionaries who wished to ‘change the status quo’, must first be prepared to part company with the old in order to forge a path toward new communities.

Below is an extract from Revolution and Other Writings – From Separation to Community:

“I was among those who had gone to the masses. Now I and my comrades have returned. We have lost some along the way – either to a party or to despair. We have brought back others with us – more than them, we could not find. We have come to a realization that took pains to reach: we are too far ahead to be understood. We have developed a sense of clarity that people in their everyday confusion cannot grasp. Our souls cannot tolerate this confusion any longer.

The conclusion is that we must cease descending to the masses. Instead, we must precede them. At first, it might seem as if we were walking away from them. But we can only find the community that we need and long for if we – the new generation – separate ourselves from the old communities.

If we make this separation a radical one and if we – as separated individuals – allow ourselves to sink to the depths of our being and to reach the inner core of our most hidden nature, then we will find the most ancient and complete community: a community encompassing not only all of humanity but the entire universe.

Whoever discovers this community in himself will be eternally blessed and joyful, and a return to the common and arbitrary communities of today will be impossible.”


Seeding Vegan Communal Unions as Practical activism

No one needs to go it alone. Across the globe there are hundreds, if not thousands of groups ready, willing and able to provide education and support to successfully transition to the lifestyle and love-style of ‘love in action’.  

Communitarian Unions are seeding across Australia, NZ, UK and American supporting those seeking to ‘fly in formation’ with ‘flocks’ united by dedication to living a lifestyle and love-style of evolved principles and practices that respect the right to life and liberty of people of all ages, genders, races and cultures, along with land and marine animals.