'creating' to defeat exploitation of people & planet

1. Group Making Hub
2. Making durable Furniture
Making - crafting durable astectically beautiful furniture 2
5. Repair Workshop

In the fifth year of association, and beyond, communitarians embrace the principles & practice of MAKING durable apparel & other hand-crafted items from sustainably-sourced inputs to defeat waste and exploitation of people & planet

6. Making Clothes
7. Weaving
4. Making Vegan Footwear
3. Making Vegan Footware

Crafting durable artisan products to conserve the Earth's resources

Aligned with the principle and practice of ‘conservation’ communitarians are required to make practical efforts towards contributing to the upkeep, preservation, protection, stewardship and maintenance of the planet as a whole to ensure the continuance of people, animals, land, seas and atmosphere.

In their fifth year of association, communitarians are called upon to modify their lifestyles to ensure they are not contributing to ‘wasting the world’ – including curtailing habits that waste people’s energies, life or steal their share of entitled resources that support life, liberty and paths to happiness. 

Aligning with the tenet of ‘One Cloak’, communitarians are called to account for their personal consumption of clothing, including footwear, furniture and all other consumables such as skin and hair care products.

Demonstrating practical socio-economic & ecological reform through revolutionary acts of 'Toiling'

Throughout the fifth year of association and beyond, communitarians adopt the practice of ‘toiling’ to cloth themselves. Under this principle, 5th year associates devote the bulk of their days to acquiring skills to create quality, durable and practical clothing and footwear, as well as, learning furniture-making skills along with creating basic natural skin and hair care products.

On the basis of ‘toiling’ consumption lessens. The fifth communitarian principle and practice, is specifically designed to bring practical awareness of the harm caused to both people and planet through accepting and supporting sweat shop labour. Likewise, communitarians do not support the waste created via ‘demand’ for cheap, throw-away, poor-quality artificial materials and polluting dyes, as well as, use and dumping of processing chemicals on land and waterways.

It is for these reasons that communitarians diligently toil to create quality durable natural fibre garments, organic personal skin and hair care products as well as manufacture long-lasting sturdy household furniture and fitting outs.

Sharing equipment, tools, talent & materials as an act of solidarity with workers of the world

‘MAKING’ is very much part of communitarian identity. Throughout the course of association, every communitarian assimilates into the lifestyle and skill-level of ‘Maker’. It is for this reason that the MAKE HUBS are the busiest social and productive hearts of the union.

By adopting the principle and practice of ‘Making’ communitarians aim to demonstrate the means of relegating ‘sweat shops’ to the realm of history.