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Fundamentals of female Sensual Pleasure

In the fourth year of association and beyond, communitarians modify their lifestyle and love-style to align with the principles and practices of ‘Liberated Love’ which includes practicing manual pleasuring of both male and female associates within the communal unions.

Through this practice, chemical and artificial methods of contraception and protection from sexually transmitted diseases are made redundant, rendering sexual pleasure and satisfaction saner and safer, along with physically and mentally sensually satiating.

Learning the Skills of Pleasuring a Female

The central principles and practices of ‘liberated’ female pleasuring, focuses on the acknowledgement and subsequent supply of authentic hands-on full body and mind stimulation to a level of excitement that it causes her to be transported beyond her usual state of holding up the world.

Sadly, for most males and females raised within societies where there is an undertone of secrecy, or else negativity towards authentic and natural sexual expression, acquiring the skills and knowledge to honestly sexually satisfy a woman has mostly been a ‘fake it till you make it,’ frustrating experience for both young and old. 

However within communitarian circles, this is not the case.  As part of practicing evolved sexual expression, the art of female sensual pleasuring is taught to both males and females upon reaching the fourth year of association. This key knowledge and skill base is a prerequisite for inclusion in the communal unions which exclusively practice evolved sexual union that aligns with the principles of liberated loving.

Supplying the Female with Authentic
Full-bodied Stimulation

Providing the necessary stimulation to enable the female to achieve a complete body and mind electrical charge and discharge, centres on the acknowledgement and supply of whole-body stimulation capable of effecting dramatic excitation of the senses leading to a complete discharge of tension. 

In essence the stimulation supplied must engulf the senses enough to dissolve biometric armoring of the senses made up of psycho-sexual disfunctions such as defensive facades of pretenses of childish innocence or feigned lack of interest in sexual arousal which result in aversions to remaining fully present and participating in one’s own psychosexual fulfilment and philological healing.  

For the female to achieve full body and mind arousal and release, the whole body and mind must be stimulated to a level of authentic excitation capable of voiding the draw to induce arousal via conjured fiction and fantasies that stand in the place of the essential feeding of the senses.

Regardless of age or circumstance, for any woman to open to sexual pleasure, first she must be made safe and comfortable knowing that she is fully accepted and therefore is secure enough to ‘show’ herself in all her glory and naturalness. Plain and simple, for a female to let down her guard and fully-surrender to pleasure, her specific arousal systems and mechanisms must be known before they can be fully accommodated without negation or compromise.

In our modern world where the useless wasteful facade of female glamour is rewarded, and, in many cases, demanded, the biggest barrier to entering into pleasure for a woman, is a lack of self-acceptance which prevents her from whole-heartedly entering into the full-embodiment of adulthood that includes healing and evolving through fulfilling sexual experience.

Communitarians acknowledge that accepting our sexual nature and need for sexual fulfilment is all part and parcel of taking our place within union as well as positively contributing to the healing and advancement of peace and secure ‘common wealth’ provisioning of the wider world. Within communitarian circles, lack of self-acceptance is recognized as a lack of self-development that must be overcome through progressive commitment to self-knowledge and self-mastery gained through dedication to the practice of individual and group ‘Gestalt Proving.’

Liberating Female Sensual Pleasure from the Myth of Vaginal Sensitivity

Despite popular and persistent long-held notions that stimulation of the vaginal canal by penetration and subsequent friction supplied by an erect penis is the major, if not exclusive source of female sexual excitement capable of leading her to orgasm, deliberate stimulation of the external clitoris remains the primary source of female sexual excitation and satiating pleasure.

Acknowledged, accommodated or denied, the fact remains that external female genitalia are anatomically positioned and endowed with an abundance of nerve endings serving the purpose of producing with relative ease, arousal leading to sexual climax characterized by rhythmic, involuntary pleasurable muscular pelvic region contractions, without risk of pregnancy or disease.

Truth be told, hidden, or else misconstrued, the construct of the vaginal canal is insensitive – primarily dead-wood, lacking sensitive nerve-endings. If it were not so, childbirth would be either unbearably painful, or else distractingly and addictively an erotic experience of earth-shattering ecstasy. However neither is the case. The reality is, the source of the pain of childbirth resides NOT within the vaginal canal, but rather from contractions radiating from the uterus, cervix, adnexa, and displacement of pelvic ligaments.

During late first stage and early second stage labour, distention and traction on the mother’s pelvic structure that surround the vaginal vault become the predominant source of noxious sensory input. Finally, second stage labour is dominated by stimuli arising from distention of the perineal structures.

Furthermore, throughout labour, it is usual for additional noxious stimuli to be transmitted due to traction and pressure on and stretching of the mother’s bladder, urethra, and rectum as well as further pain radiating from pressure on one or more roots of the lumbosacral plexus. This pain will also be compounded by reflex skeletal muscle spasms in structures supplied by the same spinal cord segments that supply the uterus and cervix.

Additionally, referred pain from the anterior abdominal wall, iliac crests, gluteal area, thighs, and lumbosacral regions also may be experienced because of the stimulation of neurons from these regions by afferent stimuli from the pelvic organs.

Biological Design & Purpose of the Vaginal Canal

By consciously devoting time and attention to understanding human biology, communitarians arrive at the reasoned understanding that the vaginal canal is anatomically designed to accommodate a child to pass through during the birthing process. By biological design, the vaginal canal is made up of insensitive tissue. In and of itself, it does not contract. Only the pelvic muscles surrounding it contract.

If and when a woman performs Kegel exercises or the like, whether she knows it or not, all it can do is strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which support the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum. These exercises or any other type of exercise will not tighten the vagina. No matter how many cycles of pelvic floor exercises are carried out, its size and shape remains the same.

Embracing the Path to Sexual Liberation

For thousands of years, the world over, the myth of woman’s capacity to experience vaginal orgasm has caste the darkest of shadows across urban and rural landscapes. From torturous diseases such as AIDs and syphilis to unaccommodated children left to fend for themselves in the streets, this myth has invaded, conquered and directly assaulted the masses.

Keeping entire populations ignorant of the truth that within the design of female anatomy lies the in-built capacity to control conception remains the greatest crime against humanity that requires immediate exposure and remedy. The perpetuation of this falsehood has sown gross and needless suffering of generations of women and children along with fathers who cannot support the result of indiscriminate release of semen within the female vagina canal resulting in unwanted pregnancy.

The belief that a woman can have a vaginal orgasm apart from direct clitoral stimulation, has been believed and even enforced by cultures all over the world for millennia. This falsehood has largely been perpetuated and handed down through the generations because for the longest time, there has been no way of checking its validity, and also due to the fact that vested interests such as big Pharma that profit from the sale of chemical contraceptives and devises, would lose vast amounts of money if truth was ever to win over fiction.

By contrast, embracing an relationally evolved sex education, communitarians arrive at an understanding of the dupe of indiscriminate copulation, and along with it, the path to true and enduring sexual liberation. 

By separating the practice of providing sexual pleasure through hands-on manual pleasuring from consciously seeding children via intercourse, communitarians consciously create enduring sexual unions with a multiple of lovers capable of supporting them on life’s complex journey.

Female Pleasure Anatomy Fundamentals

A woman is a woman from birth. Her capacity for sensual pleasure is formed in the womb. At around 12 weeks of gestation, a female fetus begins to form ovarian follicles. By 13 weeks, the ovaries are fully developed inside her body and the genital bud between a baby girl’s legs presents as a fully-formed clitoris. At 20 weeks gestation, the female foetus’s reproductive system will be fully developed.

The mons pubis, labia majora and minor along with the clitoris and vaginal opening are present in the female at birth. All that is missing is pubic hair and enlargement of breast tissue.

Anatomy of the Female Clitoris

The clitoris is a relatively small projection of erectile tissue located outside the vaginal canal containing thousands of sensitive nerve endings. The clitoris’s location should inform us that its function is to provide sexual pleasure for females that is fundamentally and necessarily separate from the biological function of reproduction.

The cylindrical shape of the clitoris is divided into glans and crura – commonly referred to as (legs) together with the body which is suspended from the pubic bone by a short ligament.  

the clitoral Shaft & Sheath

The clitoris is also covered in a sheath of skin similar to the sheath of skin that protects the penis from dust, germs and external irritation from clothing, as well as general environmental contaminants. The clitoral sheath extended to cover this sensitive erective tissue anteriorly with the labia majora and minora surrounding the sheath in all directions.

The clitoral shaft is the pointed tip of clitoris and extends to the surrounding internal glans. Extending outward from the body are the erectile corpora cavernosa and bulbs which are made of non-erectile tissue known as the crura. These two structures cover the clitoris. The crura along with the body, bulbs, and corpora cavernosa are shaped like a wishbone. The latter three tissues encircle the vagina and the urethra.

When a female is sexually stimulated, the bulbs along with corpora cavernosa become engorged with blood, resulting in the clitoral area becoming erect.

Labia Majora

The relatively large labia majora are a prominent pair of cutaneous skin folds which form the lateral longitudinal borders of the vulval clefts. This part of the female pleasure anatomy is also referred to as ‘outer vaginal lips’ cleverly designed to enclose and protect the delicate labia minora, clitoris, vulva vestibule, vestibular bulbs, Bartholin’s glands, Skene’s glands, urethra, and internal vaginal canal.

The larger external outer lips of the vulval clefts also act as sweat and oil-secreting glands to provide essential lubrication to the whole of the female pleasure anatomy to prevent dryness and subsequent damage to sensitive tissue as well as preventing urinary tract – UTI and vaginal infection. Upon reaching puberty, the labia majora will begin to be surrounded by the growth of pubic hair adding another layer of protection to this sensitive area.

Labia Minora

The labia minora which are often referred to as small lips are located inside the larger outer lips and meet at the clitoris while also surrounding both the urethra and vagina and acting as a major form of protection. These folds of delicate tissue also contain sensitive nerve endings capable of responding to gentle caresses by well-lubricated fingers. 

This part of the female pleasure anatomy will often visibly swell and expand in size when supplied deliberate stimulation in combination with petting of the clitoris and pressure to the Mons, together with alternate upward pressure on the internal G-Spot as well as overall pleasurable touch to the whole body by skilled and devoted attendants.

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