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cleaning up the act of giving & receiving emotionally & physically nourishing sexual pleasure

It is quite a common trend these days that many dutifully and sometimes even compulsively strive to keep up to date with the many and various advancing trends and technologies. Perhaps fashion or else scientific discoveries are our thing. Maybe world affairs float our boats. It seems everyone to some degree has an interested in the latest and greatest. Yet how many bother to take the time or make the effort to update our knowledge and skills relating to our sexual interactions?

Been a while? Well here’s something to start the ball rolling.

Myth Busting Oral Sex as Safe Sex

One of the major misconceptions floating around our 21st Century commonly accepted halls of myths regarding ‘safe sex’ practices, is that Oral sex is one of the safest methods of providing the ‘ultimate sexual stimulation and satisfaction’. However, the truth is that Oral Sex is far from safe. The ‘unsung’ reality is, that whether it is the practice of allowing a penis or the outer labia of the female genitalia to pass our lips, oral sex is up there with the worst of the Trojan Horses that transport ‘the nastiest of a horrid bunch’ of health destroying viruses and diseases into our bodies, via the channel of the mouth.

It is true to say that while the majority of young and old who play ‘the game of love’ are ever so picky about the cleanliness of the food they put into our mouths, many are not so discerning about the sanitary condition of the genitalia that cross the threshold of their mouths.

Unfortunately, it seems to be a well-kept secret that the most common way for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to be passed on is through Oral Sex.

Recognising & Defeating the Scourge
of Orally Transmitted Sexual Diseases

It is true enough that you can’t get pregnant performing oral sex; and many a young teenage girl has been lured into ‘going down on’ a pestering, pressuring and persistent guy, possessing not much more than just that pathetic promise and proposal. However, there are still major risks that she will be exposed to the moment he convinces her that the condom can be dispensed with.

Usually and understandably, she will only too willingly agree to ditch the rubber. Why – because let’s not lie or play the usual game of pretend – who in their ‘right mind’ or isn’t in a position of having to ‘sell a piece of themselves’ just to survive, delights in submitting to the literally distasteful practice of sucking on a plastic bag?

Let’s be honest: there is no fun in that for anyone; is there?

So let us not recycle the usual useless advice that suggests that the guy don a condom and the female a dental dam, which is a thin piece of latex that is placed between the labia and the performers face in an effort to prevent an STI. The fact is, in the real world of ‘casual sex’ – ‘hit and runs,’ or else ‘one-night stands – call it what you will, no uses the damn things; do they?

Why? Because these bits of plastic touted to protect us, afford such a minuscule degree of sensation that it is hardly worth the effort. In truth and most everyone’s experience – rubberizing our genitals is absolutely not worth the bother. And so this well-intentioned advice to ‘use protection’ is largely, historically and currently, completely ignored. Hence throughout the world, despite the huge advertising campaigns designed to scare us within an inch of our lives, epidemics of Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Genital Herpes have become as common as the common cold, effecting even the loftiest of the upper class and scaling down to the lowest of the lower class.

Chlamydia and syphilis are in the second tier of risk through oral sex. A Chicago study found that 13.7 percent of syphilis cases were attributed to oral sex. Generally, though, it’s believed to be uncommon. As for syphilis, that seemingly antiquated infection, it has proved to be ‘easily transmitted’ via oral sex. According to AVERT ‘if a person’s mouth comes into contact with an open sore or a skin rash caused by the infection, according to AVERT.

Further down the list of risk are Hepatitis A, gastrointestinal infections, and parasites, among others.

One takeaway for all the gals out there who are unlucky enough to be regularly coerced into providing blow jobs for fellas, is that performing Fellatio tends to be far riskier than performing cunnilingus. Across all STIs, formally known as STD’s and all sex acts, generally the partner receiving the other’s genitalia into their mouth area is the one at greater risk for STI and HIV acquisition; the idea being that wherever ejaculate winds up, that’s also where the greatest burden of infectious material will also wind up.

However that hardly means that those who perform Cunnilingus are in the clear. It seems the risk of contracting syphilis, herpes or HPV by performing oral sex on a female is ‘arguably just as high’ as with fellatio ‘since these infections can occur both inside the vagina and on the skin surface.’

Embracing the Ultimate Satisfying Safe Sex Practice

Okay now that we are all aware of the risks of oral sex, the question remains; what constitutes satisfying safe sex?

‘Hands’ of course – everyone has the capacity to use their beautifully crafted, dexterous hands to provide the ultimate in clean, safe pleasurable sensuous whole-body stimulation. Even the most inexperienced and clumsy cannot possibly fail to delight to some degree. Undeniably skilfully applied manual stimulation of either gender’s genitalia is the only true form of ‘Safe Sex.’ No one can possibly get pregnant, nor ‘if you wash your hands, beforehand’, can you transfer or contract a sexually transmitted disease, to or from, anyone.

Manual pleasuring – better known as hand jobs, fingering or digital stimulation are all entirely wonderfully satisfying safe sex practices that consist of using our hands to sexually stimulate a partner’s or a whole host of partner’s genitals, along with all other areas of the body that are responsive to contrasts of sensual pressure, titillation and vibration delivered by safe, loving, clean hands.

For these reasons, communitarians who engage in complex union do not practice oral, anal or penetrative sex. Our community of Liberated Lovers exclusively practice hands on sensual pleasuring, except in the case of agreement to conceive a child to be raised within the communal unions.

Hands On Hygiene Habits

Preforming oral sex on either sex is far from hygienic, especially if we take into account the fact that the mouth is in direct contact with the part of the body that discharges urinary waste as well as the anus where traces of faeces often remain even after the most hygienic of housekeeping habits have been used after visiting the bathroom.

In contrast, hands only need be washed with regular soap and water before stimulating the genital area.  

Even so, when providing manual genital stimulation to a female, it is extremely important not to go from stimulating anywhere close to the anal area, to stimulating the vaginal area. If bacteria from the anus/rectum are transferred to the urethra or vagina, urinary tract and/or vaginal infections can be inflicted. 

That said, it is a good idea to wear thin latex gloves if there is any chance of this happening and remember if you have been providing stimulation anywhere near the anus area, then you will need to remove the gloves, or else wash your hands before moving on to provide stimulation elsewhere on the body. These simple strategies can be used to prevent nasty painful vaginal infections that worst-case scenario, can lead to sterility.

arousing the senses with Luscious Lubricants

Although not at all a necessity, many people enjoy adding lubricant to their hands while delivering manual pleasuring. The use of lubricant can and does increase sensitivity significantly as well as decreases any discomfort that might be caused by friction. The gift of luscious lubricants helps us dissolve both emotional and physical armour. 

Be careful though to stay away from perfumed oils and lotions that have additives that can burn or irritate sensitive areas. Best to use only unperfumed pure natural plant-based oils with nothing else added.

Lighting scented candles or burning incense is the best way to excite the senses. Essential oils and even burning sage can significantly enhance the mood of a massage room filling it with aromas able to transport us far from the cares of everyday life to the world of sensual peace and pleasure. 

Manicuring for Pleasure

When applying manual stimulation to the clitoris or penis, neatly trimmed and filed fingernails are a must to avoid damaging sensitive tissue. Sharp or ragged nails may result in tearing the skin and exposing the recipient to infection. 

However, if you don’t want to trim your nails back to nothing, gloves can be worn to smooth the edges of longer-nails, thus reducing the risk of scratching those you are offering pleasure.

The Last Word on Safe Sex...

When we engage in the privilege of complex union it is our duty to keep everyone safe while contributing our very best to emotionally and physically healing those we love and share our lives with. It is for these reasons that communitarians do all they can to sexually heal and overcome primitive draws that keep us locked into lives of separation and suffering.

Communitarians are therefore obligated to become good ‘lovers’, ensuring they give and receive safe satisfying sensual pleasure, no more and no less.