Flowing The Amrita

Sensual Pleasuring for Health & Wellbeing

Akin to her male counterpart, the female too is capable of natural ecstatic ejaculation. The fluid released is called Amrita – a clear water which has a sweet aroma. 

Evoking the Amrita flow is sadly a largely misunderstood sensual healing practice that has become a rare pleasure for the female sex. Flowing the Amrita should never be considered a dispensable add-on or extra sensual treat for a female. Within Communitarian circles flowing the Amrita is recognized as an essential sensual healing practice that is given the time and attention it deserves.  

Even the medical fraternities are beginning to recognise that women who learn to open to this state of full-body ecstatic release, fare much better health-wise than those who remain closed or deprived for cultural or religious reasons from regular releases of this bodily fluid.  

Achieving Health & Wellbeing through practicing progressive sex education

Within communitarian circles, evoking the sacred flow of female nectar is a sensual pleasuring practice progressively taught to fourth year associates with proper reverence and practical instruction.  Communitarians practicing liberated love understand that the handing down of sexual and sensual knowledge as well as skills is crucial to the harmony and overall welfare of the unions. To allow the maturation processes to be hit or miss affairs, or for the young to be left to make it up as they go along, is unthinkable.

As part of the evolved sexual expression training, 4th year communitarians are taught the art of clitoral pleasuring and sacred spot stimulation and release.

Tragically many women block the Amrita flow because they fear the sacred fluid is urine escaping from the bladder.  However, pushing through this sensation is well worth the effort.  The majority of those learning to flow the Amrita only ever worry about it during the initial session. After the Amrita flows for the first time, the woman will know that it is not pee because Amrita has a sweet, rather than sour smell.

Benefits of Flowing the Amrita

Flowing the Amrita is essentially very healthy both mentally and physically. The majority of women who are fortunate enough to learn to evoke ecstatic orgasmic states, report that they had banished depression, relaxed more, slept better, had increased energy, felt more loving and tolerant as well as experienced less anxiety and ceased to suffer from mood swings as well as cramping before and during menstruation. 

Libido is also often noticeably increased as chronic disappointment that would otherwise be held in the cells and senses, is resolved with each and every flow.

A female communitarian describes the outcome of her initiation – ‘Since learning to flow my Amrita I have noticed that I no longer have the same emptiness or hunger I had before.  In addition, I feel more content within myself and therefore complain less.  Flowing the Amrita has made me more authentic ‘true to myself’ and less inclined toward conflict. These days I feel more in control of my life and therefore I know I am functioning more fully as a parent and member of the communal unions as well as the wider world.  Finally, I recommend every woman undertake this important initiation to understand more about her body’s own self-healing capacity.’  

No matter how many times we facilitate the evolved sexual expression workshops to support women to flow the amrita for the first time, those practicing ‘Liberated Love’ are always deeply moved.  Still, as a community of pleasure healers, it also makes us sad when we think of all the needless suffering endured by billions of women.  If only young women were initiated and learned in puberty the magnificent gifts their bodies held.  If only we had the wisdom and courage to bestow this knowledge to our daughters to make them strong powerful blissful creatures full of self-confidence and secure in their own beauty and rhythms. 

Remedying Post-natal Depression

Postnatal depression is one of many female hormonal disorders that can be balanced with evolved pleasurable full body and mind stimulation. 

Traditionally within cultures that valued both the masculine and feminine for their unique gifts, talents and contribution to society, the first Amrita flow was evoked through the gifting of sensual stimulation supplied by a party of skilled and attentive attendants, seven days after the birth of a woman’s first child.

Great importance was placed on this ritual to heal the mother’s womb, vaginal canal and entire genital area. Flow of the Amrita was considered vital to ensuring milk flow, calming the mother and giving her the energy to care for the new baby.  Pleasure was considered necessary to help the mother forget the pain of childbirth and open to the joy of motherhood.

Every Woman Anatomically Designed
to respond to Sensual Pleasure

First up, let us expel the myth that only a rare few women can ejaculate while the majority cannot.  Anatomically, all women are designed and capable of flowing their sacred waters. 

For health reasons it is imperative that women take the time and garner attentive and devoted liberated lovers who are ready, willing and able to assist her to release her Amrita flow at least once or more per month to obtain and remain at option health and vitality, regardless of age.

However before rushing out to get the job done, be aware that the G Spot is known as ‘the Sacred Spot’ for good reason.  As many a female will tell you, the sacred spot shows itself not to a fool who rushes in to plunder the treasure. That type of action will render the treasure chest locked down.

Preparing the Path to Ecstatic Release

Truth be told, without significant prior clitoral pleasuring, most women are not aroused from direct sacred spot stimulation. Whether women have the relationship confidence and self-love to voice this truth or not, the reality remains the same – the majority of women regardless of age, race or culture, at the very least, have to have had one or more clitoral orgasms before they feel even the slightest desire for penetration and internal stimulation.

The secret that should not be a secret at all, is that stimulation of any kind to a woman’s G Spot or vaginal canal, either manually or with an erect penis before full body arousal is evident, is extremely irritating. Sadder still is that for many women this type of ‘invasion’ goes way beyond irritation to being on the whole, painful.

Evoking the Initial Flow

For a woman of any age, the first experience of sacred spot release can be quite emotional.  Commonly during the first and second flows, a woman will release the emotional blocks that have been holding back the capacity for total ecstasy.  Finally, when the Amrita does flow, along with it the barriers that have held the sacred bliss captive, will also be released. It is then that a woman may cry, or scream, or else appear very upset.  Some women, either at the time of the release or soon after, may even become angry to the point of rage. 

Commonly these intense feelings of rage surface only after a woman experiences intense pleasuring, for the reason that during ecstasy the authentic self, rises and shines. Thereafter, it is commonly difficult to near impossible for the impostor projection to reign unchallenged.

From the first experience of Amrita flow, a woman may experience a major awakening to her true self with the result an immediate psycho-sexual progression may follow. Many females who learn to flow the Amrita, realize immediately all that they have suffered and held within. The realization of needless suffering can sometimes make a woman angry because of the sudden awareness of their shaming and abandonment.

However as distressing as this release of emotion can be, it is rare if any woman ever regrets the experience of revealing and evolving this authentic side of themselves. 

Techniques to Flow Amrita

Fundamentally, orgasm is psychologically and philologically an essential process that provides an electrical charge and discharge – a necessary reset, so to speak, of both the mind and body. It is a natural function required by both the mind and body to release the build-up of tension held within the cells and nervous system. 

Without regular ‘reset’ the mind and body succumb to dis-ease.

This clean, ‘safe sex’ pleasuring technique is able to ‘bring a woman on’ via steady, consistent direct pressure to the G-spot located approximately 2inches inside a naturally well-lubricated vagina after a woman has experienced one or more clitoral orgasms.  

After a woman has climaxed from clitoral stimulation, her vaginal canal will be naturally well-lubricated signifying that she may be ready, willing and able to be ‘brought to ecstatic release’ in a different form via pressure to the G-Spot – a slang term describing the walnut textured patch of flesh located just inside the entrance to the vaginal canal.

For many women, the exact recipe for releasing ‘Amrita’ entails deep rhythmic repetitive pulsating pressure – a type of ‘Thudding’ as opposed to the rubbing that brings the clitoral area to life. This repetitive ‘stop-start pressure’ results in the build-up of tension to the point of sending her ‘over the top’.  It is during this crescendo of pleasure that ‘Amrita’ fluid is released from the Skene’s gland – the female equivalent of male ejaculatory fluid.

Combined stimulation of the external and internal clitoral region should extend for no more than 20 minutes. The reason for the time limit is to avoid over-stimulation and also to ensure the ‘Receiver’ remains in their body focused on ‘receiving’ the stimuli provided, rather than allowed to drift off into ‘fantasy ruts’ entrenched by habit and reinforced by lack of ‘real time’ stimuli and attention. The reason for the time limit, is to ensure both the Receiver and Gifters of Pleasure remain fully present and appreciative of love and healing being bestowed by real people and actual physically applied sensation.

For those practicing evolved sexual expression, the easiest and most effective way to flow the Amrita begins by inserting 2 fingers to the knuckle joint of the index finger, inside the vaginal canal. Then using a thrusting motion, move the fingers rhythmically forward and backwards while applying alternating upward pressure and release to the anterior wall of the upper vaginal wall. After 10 to 12 Thuds, slowly withdraw from the vagina. Pause for few moments, before beginning a circuit of 10-12 circular strokes of the clitoris. Repeat for as many cycles as the ‘Receiver’ responds.

For many, there will come a point in the pleasuring session where only internal stimulation is desired. From this point on, the release of ‘Amrita’ fluid is imminent. For this reason, Attendants must remain vigilant, patient and expectant – ready to withdraw the moment a gush of clear fluid presents.

Returning to the Authentic Eternal Healed Self

After the event, the ‘Receiver’ is covered with a sheet or blanket to create a sense of cocooning to encourage them to ‘disappear’ – to face the ‘little death’ that accompanies ‘orgasm’. It is now that the ‘Receiver’ returns to the authentic – the eternal, the whole and fully healed self. During this time, it is essential that all and every Attendant involved in providing healing, remain with the ‘Receiver’ – hands placed on the body, just resting there as assurance that the woman is cherished, loved and fully accepted. 

This ‘resting’ and recovery period should extend for no more or less than 10mins before the ‘Receiver’ and ‘Gifters’ of pleasurable healing ‘close’ the session by greeting each other with warm affection.

After, the Receiver has flowed the Amrita, she is ‘sat out’ while a short break is taken by the Attendants before ‘gifting their attention and touch to another that is ready, willing and able to ‘receive’ sexual healing.

From start to finish, a session of ‘Flowing the Amrita’ should extend no more than 30mins beyond the full-body pleasure session that includes clitoral stimulation resulting in orgasm or multiple orgasms.