Beyond Poverty

Establishing Socially Just & Ecologically Sustainable Shared Economic Prosperity

Communitarians participating in ‘Common Purse’ communal unions, learn from the outset of transitioning to live and love according to the principles and practice of ‘One Cloak’ that the root-cause of social, economic and ecological issues which plague separatist societies, require thorough investigation and clear perception before any form of remedial action can be planned or productively implemented.

The founding principles and practices which guide the decisions and activities of local, regionally and globally-networked ‘Common Wealth’ provisioning projects, mandate that communitarian economic endeavors produce sustainable economic security for those involved, rather than merely mimic the usual modes of applying band-aid treatments and compensatory handouts to those who have been sat-out of participating in fair and just means of economic contribution and remuneration.

Those consciously progressing toward integrating the principles and practices of ‘common wealth’ shared prosperity into their lifestyle and love-style, plainly and concisely recognize the need for charity for what it is – a beautiful guise designed to cover over the ugliness of ‘man’s inhumanity to man’. At its core, the need for charity is the evidence that the severest of economic injustices are being inflicted on those who line up to beg ‘scraps’ – leftovers, crumbs that fall from the masters of larceny’s, ever-increasing, heavily-ladened tables of confiscated and stolen – locked-up and hoarded, essential birthright-to-life resources.  

Charity and welfare in all its forms are direct indicators of government-sanctioned private and corporate crime – embezzlement of life-sustaining resources that rightfully belong to each and every citizen of the Earth. Both charity and welfare payments are pitifully inadequate compensations employed to ‘shut down’ those robbed of entitlement to access all that supports life, liberty and happiness that is born of material security, from ‘taking’ by fist or force, the share of the earth’s support provisions that are rightfully theirs and their children’s.

Despite the fact that poverty has wrapped its malicious tentacles around vast regions of the Earth – day after day, year-in year-out, inflicting the ravages of death, deprivation, starvation, pain and suffering on millions of innocent men, women and children for millennia, in no way proves economic injustice is an immutable characteristic of the ‘human condition’. The fact that the general public have historically been conditioned to accept ‘welfare’ in all its forms, as legitimate ‘economic’ recompense for confiscated ‘common wealth’ by both church and state, does not establish the blind sufferance and sanction of the privation of entire populations, as socially-sustainable, ecologically-sound, or ethically-defensible.

According To Need

As a rule, all forms of charity and welfare are not intended to materialize sustainable remedies to poverty, hunger and homelessness, nor are these programs devised to secure permanent rights to access land to establish homes that satisfy the basic human need for security. From a universal base that is millennia old, charity and welfare are only ever designed to be applied as temporary fixes, and therefore devoid of long-term outcomes. Likewise, the help offered is far-removed from choice. On the contrary, within the bounds of charitable organizations, it is mandated that recipients must accept without complaint, the standard of what is offered, rather than ‘voice’ or ‘ask’ for what is actually needed.

As an example, the foodstuffs doled out by ‘Food Banks’ rarely, if ever, consist of clean-green organic healthful fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead, what is offered to the poor, the unemployed or the refugee is usually stale, close to, or out-of-date foodstuffs, second-hand tattered and torn cast-off clothing, dilapidated furniture, next to useless healthcare, along with inadequate shelter in the form of tents that provide little protection from the elements of wind, rain, cold and heat, or else a bed within crowded dormitory-style shelters that are far-less accommodating than prisons.

Whether local, regional or globally installed; welfare programs are fabricated to apply band-aid treatments to the wounds inflicted on those who are sat out of participating in access to the means of production and distribution of all that supports a quality of life-worth-living.

Acknowledging the True Meaning of Religious Vows of Poverty

The need for charity is no less a swindle – a ruse, when covered over by creeds that glorify the suffering of poverty as the highest form of religious piety. Need we be reminded that Catholic Nuns and Priests along with Buddhist Monks and Nuns, take a vow of poverty, not destitution.

Also in this context, the vow of poverty is intended to compel those committing to ‘live in union’ with those who share their same goals and moral values – ‘to hold all things in common’, to live simply, to not become attached to material things, and to be moderate in all things.’ All of which is a far-cry from glorifying the virtues of poverty inflicted on those displaced from their homes and homelands during times of economic collapse associated with political upheaval, war or famine.

Installing Social Justice for All via means of Birth-right Access Entitlement to Economic Participation & Remuneration

In a world that is supposedly evolved to the point that it is able to distinguish and administer fairness and justice, no adult should ever find themselves without birthright-access entitlement to the means of generating an adequate livelihood. Forget unemployment; this scourge belongs to primitive times which long-ago should have been passed through and transcended. The whole game of employee and employer is a primitive swindle that has been carried along from the days of Pharaohs backed by legions of paid mercenaries who captured slaves forcing them to sweat and toil to build their empires.

However, these barbaric practices have been long condemned and supposedly rid from the world. From these grounds, communitarians make a case that it can be legitimately posed that ‘we the people’ go one step further, mandating that in this day and age, NO man, woman or child should be, nor need be, at the mercy of a master: be that a private or corporate entity that is provided licence by governments to exploit by way of extracting the surplus of labour contributions of others, as profit, for ‘their’ exclusive enrichment.

Likewise, no man, woman or child should be, or need be without a home. How is it that the fox is entitled to a hole; the birds – the trees to make their nests; and fish – the entire sea to inhabit? Both beast and bird pay no rent; and yet mankind is not even entitled to lay his or her head in the street without fear of fine or imprisonment.

Nowhere in this world of abundance, should anyone be, or need be, without entitlement to access land, water and machinery to grow healthful food. No one regardless of locality, race or gender, should be without access to clean water, comfortable and secure shelter, adequate clothing, renewable energy generation equipment, health and wellness services, transportation, advancing education that includes trade and artisan skills, along with the time and freedom to enjoy leisure and recreation.

First Steps to Eradicating Poverty

Those with insight realise that erasing the blight of material poverty from the lives of people and landscapes can never be tackled via the objective that the means be easy or quick. Similarly, the roots of this destructive evil, cannot be uprooted and cast into the fires of eternal damnation by indolently persisting with defeatist attitudes that shout-down all posits of change.

Poverty has a solution; though not simple to cultivate and bring to fruition from the undeveloped social relationships, economic organisation and ecological-responsive capacities of current populations across the globe. For those who are roused to the vision and possibilities of change, the time is ripe to make a start. Through collaborative efforts to first overcome the poverty of intelligent reason that forms the foundation of collaborative organisation and love-in-action, this senseless scourge can and will be rooted out, and relegated to the archives of the dark distant past when we knew no better.

The time to form ‘common wealth’ provisioning committees guided by evolved social, economic and ecological principles and practices, is now. With the aid of the internet and mobile phones, communication between individuals and collaborative unions, world-wide, is made possible.

The next phase of human evolution begs our advance toward collaboratively deciding the functional-constitutional structure of the ethical governance of sustainable ecologically-sound, calculated production and distribution (according to need) of the resources and instruments that support life, liberty and happiness established from a base of economic security for all.

From the Ground-up - Forming Local Regional & Globally Networked Communitarian Unions

The easiest and most productive way to make connections with those of like mind and like ethics is through participation in vegan and animal right to life, social-media forums and face-to-face events. The reasons to begin transitioning into communal union from this base, are many. First is that it is easiest to ‘begin’ where you are. Second, people within both these communities are already aligned with the first principle and practice of communitarian union founded on the health, ethical and environmental benefits of a living foods diet and cruelty-free lifestyle.

From this unifying base, it is an easy to initiate conversations around other evolved social, economic and ecological principles and practices associated with the communitarian lifestyle and love-style of sharing all with all. From these initial associations, both on-line and face-to-face, it is a relatively straightforward process of connecting with those who, like yourself, have a deep yearning to live the cruelty-free diet and lifestyle on a deep level.

In many cases, those consciously awakened to the higher health and ethics of veganism, find themselves distressingly isolated. This is the unfortunate reality for the majority of those drawn to align with the communitarian lifestyle and love-style. For these reasons, a similar path that most communitarians take while transitioning to communal union, is to organize and advertise on social media, local area ‘potluck dinners, or simple vegan meal sharing meet-ups in a park.

Initiating and hosting these types of events has been the starting point of the majority of forming and well-established communal unions around the world.