reverencing the life-giving

Attributes of Fire

freely we receive, freely we give

The practice of acknowledging the gift of fire in all its forms is usually observed several times a day, including: ‘Sunrise’, ‘High Noon’ and ‘Sunset’ as well as mealtimes.

Contemplating the valuable contributions of light, heat and flame the sun bestows upon the earth and every living creature, each and every day, can be as simple as observing the sun in all its various strengths, or lighting a candle or stick of incense, or else as elaborate as gathering fallen sticks and branches to build an actual fire to heat water for tea or a bath, or prepare a shared meal.

Lighting the Way to Union

The simple act of lighting a candle while writing in a journal calls us to be fully present, drawing us toward reflection and appreciation for the gifts and opportunities we have been given to progress with all we intend to bring to fruition.

In the second year of association and beyond, those who are not living in physical communal union, often light a candle before each meal as a way of connecting with those who hold the same hope. For those who take the time and make the effort to light a candle before each meal, the reward is presence of mind. This simple act helps remind communitarians of the central mission to usher in the era of perpetual peace and common wealth prosperity through the will and readiness to share all with all.

Fire - symbolizing the principle & practice of One Cloak

For communitarians, practicing daily unity with the element of fire also drawers our minds to the principle and practice of ‘One Cloak’. The symbol of fire represents minimalism – the burning away of illusions, distractions, glamour, vanity, sloth and wastefulness. Contemplation of fire helps remind communitarians to be ever vigilant – continually conscious of the commission to refine and evolve our personal habits and abilities to be responsible skilled-stewards of the Earth’s resources.

Taking time to focus attention on the flickering flames of a fire, or else the pure light of the sun’s rays, makes it easy to reflect and give thanks as well as calm our worries and frustrations leaving us with a sense that all that is old has been cleaned away to make way for new growth.

Fire brings Health & Wellbeing

Since the beginning of time, the element of fire has been used as a symbol and also physical instrument of purifying the mind and body along with the physical environment. 

Heat is the greatest healer – sweating out toxins, relieving physical and emotional pain. Hot water and compresses as well as steam baths, along with sun-bathing, boost circulation stimulating blood and life-giving oxygen to flow to afflicted areas of the body. As a result, tissue is able to stretch and release contraction, aiding relaxation which over time increases flexibility. Applying heat also reduces the physical feeling and sensations of pain providing effective and immediate pain relief.

Setting Intention at High Noon

Taking time out of the day to contemplate the element of Fire which corresponds with the cosmic element of the Sun at ‘High Noon’, inspires communitarians to consciously set intention. Rather than be carried along mindlessly by trivial whims and unproductive time-wasting, distractions and inclines toward glamours that include jealousy and possessiveness, communitarians make a conscious effort during the middle of the day to centre their minds on the responsibly and importance of their missions to advance toward living lives of meaning and purpose.

High Noon is the time communitarians reflect on aligning their daily tasks, attitudes and interactions with advancing towards achieving their intended legacy. The sun’s raw power adds much value to our lives and also helps purge worries, frustrations and resentments to lay the ground work for resolution to achieve inner and social peace.  

Contemplation of fire throughout the day reminds communitarians to slow down, tune in, take stock, let go of our old stories and dramas to be able to transform – ever evolving towards fulfilling our purpose and taking our place upon the earth as passionate, compassionate, joyful stewards of the planet. 

These times of reflection also call communitarians to appreciate the gift of life, love and liberty as well as spread this valuable healing balm to communities across the Earth.