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Principles & Practices

Eat from the Living Trees

Evolved Living Nutrition

Eating the flesh of living breathing conscious sentiment beings is certainly a threat to our planet. It is a threat to human consciousness. As a result of this planet wide unconsciousness, the land suffers, the people suffer. Needlessly we are held back from solving the perpetuated problems of disrespect for life itself. This of course transfers to our disrespect of each other resulting in inequitable distribution of resources needed to sustain life. 

7 Daily Observances


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association - fellowship


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Evolved Sexual Expression

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One cloak

One Cloak cropped

‘One Cloak’ is the symbol adopted by the communitarian communities to provide visual context for the larger principle and practice of the intentional ‘overcoming’ of possessiveness, hoarding, sloth, glamour and status – all of which are rooted in selfishness and vanity.

The principle and practice of ‘One cloak’ represents the conscious divorce of ‘holding things to ourselves’ that could and should be shared with the greater whole.’ 

When we allow the habit to ‘hold’ things to ourselves to go unchallenged, these accumulations of ‘stuff’ often creates barrier to forming bonds of mutual aid.

cooperative living

Communal Union


Communal living not only means sharing living facilities and physical goods such as electric vehicles and renewal energy generation equipment; co-living also requires the skills and willingness to share our inner lives within structures of trust and mutual support. Cooperative living ventures often fail due to unresolved turmoil and conflicts surrounding the allocation of resources such as money as well as conflicts of power, exclusive ownership of people, spaces and sexual expression.

However, by starting with a foundation of agreed principles and practices centred on evolving a culture of peace and shared prosperity, we can develop the skills and knowledge to be able to address the conflicts, trauma and fear that arise within communal environments

Right Livelihood

cooperative Production

Right Livelihood

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