Progressing Toward


Every year across the globe, many otherwise ordinary people discover the communitarian union lifestyle and love-style – ‘Everything Changes’. To our great joy, the majority successfully align with the first principle and practice, ‘Living Nutrition’eat from the living trees.

Some even go a step further, managing to align their lifestyle with the 2nd principle, the daily practice of ‘Personal Progression’, all within a year to a year and a half.

For those who achieve a measure of alignment with both these progressions in or around the two-year mark, might then come to asking the question, ‘what’s next?’ Where do I go from here when the next principle and practice of the communitarian union lifestyle and love-style, entails ‘Gathering?’

How do I do that when I am all alone without even a vegan community anywhere within the state or even the entire country where I currently live and work? 


In the initial stages of establishing the branches and networks of communitarian unions, isolation from others who are on the same path, sharing the same principles and practices as well as goals, is a problem many in the early phases of aligning with the communitarian lifestyle and love-style, will inevitably struggle to solve.

Those practicing the first and second communitarian union principles, outside of union, often make it that far with relative ease. However, progressing to the following phase – ‘Gathering’, often presents seemly insurmountable obstacles. A number find themselves stuck at this point, unable to move forward. 

This feeling of being blocked is due mainly to a lack of courage and faith to lift and shift from where they are in order to gain access to a community of like-minded and like-principled people who have the capacity to mentor and lead them further along the path toward integrating the sharing, support and productivity needed to progress further toward realising the lifestyle and love-style of communal union.

In short, those who insist on remaining where they are – isolated within secular communities that hold no promise of joining them in progressing forward toward aligning with the principle and practices of communitarian union, are prone to backslide. Some even quit, completely give up on their hopes and dreams of living in union – giving and receiving support from a global network of communitarians who share the same dream and passion for establishing perpetual peace and shared prosperity, accessible as a birth-right for everyone.  

Preparing for Union

The majority of communitarians take the entire two years to assimilate the principle and practice of eating from the living trees and also making personal progression the foundation of daily habits. Others take longer. Some believe it makes little difference how long it takes to integrate living foods and firmly establish personal progression into their daily schedule. However, an attitude of commitment to daily progression is a key factor in achieving momentum capable of propelling us in the direction of both personal and social development, as well as, evolving relational expression that leads to ‘loving more’ within communal union – sharing all with all and holding all things in common through ‘right livelihood’ provisioning cooperatives.

To give ourselves licence to dilly-dally – drag the chain or else allow ourselves to become half-hearted with one foot in and one foot out of pursuing our goals, is to go so close to the edge of the cliff that we risk losing the very ‘life’ we declare we both desire and need.

It is so very easy to be way-laid, distracted – taken off track and beaten down with discouragement. If we allow ourselves to lose sight of where we truly want to be and what we wish to achieve this year by not bothering to set the alarm to ‘rise the hour before dawn’ to have time to reaffirm our goals, monitor our progress and review ‘the next tasks’, it is inevitable that we will get down, feel like giving up – start believing it is all too hard and therefore we should give up on our hopes and dreams for a better world – a world of our own making that is fairer, freer, more peaceful – devoid of war and abuse of people and animals as well as more loving, supportive and secure.

Letting Go of All That No Longer SERVES US

If our hope and dream is to see conditions in the world change for the better and also know without a shadow of doubt that our life’s purpose is to be part of bringing these conditions about, then we must continue to progress along the path – add to the achievements of the previous year spent aligning our lifestyle with the principles and practice of adopting a cruelty-free diet and lifestyle.

If our desire is to continue to advance toward communitarian union – sharing all with all, then the question we must ask ourselves is; what is it cost us to hold on another year to relationships, living situations or a job that offers no possibility of helping us reaching our real goal of living in union with those who can truly love, motivate, inspire and stand beside us as we enact ‘on the ground everyday revolution’ that moves the world toward the era of perpetual peace and shared ‘common wealth’ secure provisioning?

What do we risk by putting off moving to be where those who have the capacity to support us to make a contribution to liberating and evolving – contributing to  solving the problems of people and planet to arrive at establishing shared-living and collaborative provisioning, capable of overlaying entire communities with the experience of perpetual peace and shared secure-prosperity?

What is the real cost of allowing this negatable impasse to stop us from achieving our hopes and dreams of union?

Gathering to GROW UNION

The third principle and practice of communitarian union is an essential component of the journey toward sharing all with all – holding all things in common. ‘Gathering’ provides both the challenge and encouragement to come out of ourselves – to root out sloth and selfishness that is inherent in us all. The counsel, feed-back and mentoring so generously supplied via the weekly Group Gestalt workshops, are the fuel that propels communitarians forward, toward the goal of taking their place within the networks of communal unions to share in seeding peace and shared ‘common wealth’ provisioning, across the world.

Gathering encompasses such a wide-array of indispensable personal and social as well as provisioning skill development opportunities. Without these hands-on, face-to-face interactions with others, it is impossible to progress.  The decision to lift and shift to participate in union, is rarely an easy one for most people. However, the benefits are guaranteed to outweigh the negatives.

To actually be able to be present with others to share a communal meal, sing, dance and share knowledge and experience at the Sunday Celebrations, give and receive hands on healing at the Liberated Loving group sessions, as well as, participate to the One Cloak ‘common wealth’ provisioning workshops, is life-changing.  Stepping into physical union generates an energy and enthusiasm for life and love that underpins a natural need in all of us to belong.

When we realise that nearly all human activities including working, learning, leisure, relaxing, playing, and even sleeping – occurs in groups, it becomes all the more important that we are discerning about who we share our lives with. In any society, the lone individual who is cut off from interaction with all groups, is a rarity. Most of us live out our lives in association. In this light, it goes without saying, we must understand that the type of bonds we are able to create and maintain, have a profound impact on our thoughts, feelings, and actions.


No one who has dared to set out with just ‘one cloak’ to pioneer a path toward a mission that is radically new – beyond the known, yet nonetheless worthwhile, will tell you that leaving all that we know for something that is off the beaten track, is easy, or that every part of the journey will be pleasant. Likely many pioneers will beat down several paths that lead nowhere or take roads that lead only back to where they started.  Similarly, pioneers upon the road less travelled will suffer many disappointments – even heartache. A wrong turn here, a distraction there, and many will find themselves returning home, beaten and discouraged.

For those who have attained alignment with the principle and practice of evolving their diet and lifestyle to eat predominately from living trees, and also have practiced personal progression for a year or more, yet remain isolated without contact or support of any kind to continue on the journey toward union, lifting and shifting to be able to physically ‘gather’ will initially inspire fear and make many perhaps even doubt their sanity.  

The fear and anxiety as well as simple challenge of being able to afford travel costs, will be made worse for those who are young – lacking both experience and resources to make the move from a known to an unknown region where a communal union has already seeded. Yet not insurmountable. Where there is a will, there is usually a way to make things happen.

Rising to the OCCASION

As many who have left everything that no longer serves their mission behind and set upon the path to living their values, in actuality, in practical ways, living a life of ‘everyday revolution’, requires several years devoted to developing both mental and physical strength. The truth is few of us are born with a warrior spirit. Fewer still will have had the muscle of courage developed via schooling or even higher education.  Sadly, most modern cultures don’t value and therefore lack the will and means to encourage the development of courage and valour in its citizens. And so many begin the journey to union dragging along the handicap of cowardice.

Yet this too can be overcome by practicing the principle of personal progression that includes daily devotion to the development of self-knowledge – ‘know thyself’. Through daily journaling, the novice socio-economic eco-activist, evolves many positive traits that lie dormant within, enabling us to rise up and take action.

Access the Communitarian Union knowledge Library to learn from change-maker revolutionaries who have gone before – carrying approaches to radical social, economic and ecological reforms, forward – achieving much. Find out how they developed and maintained the pluck and daring to challenge and overturn age-old systems of oppression and exploitation which include entrenched racism, sexism, slavery, animal abuse and environmental vandalism that sees the world no longer accept wasting the world or the senseless extinction of animal and plant species.

Gathering to Access Evolved Relational Union

Setting the wheels in motion to lift and shift, demands faith in ourselves – demands we trust ourselves to trust others to befriend and support us to settle in places where we lack experience knowing the lay of the land, nor are we familiar with the customs, or even the language.

Undoubtedly to fulfil the third principle and practice of communitarian union, ‘Gathering’, many will need to take a leap of faith to leave their current employment and take new jobs that may offer less remuneration as well as less prestige or stimulation. However these seeming negatives, can actually turn out to be positives able to build character as well as challenge us to grow and divest – minimize, par down to carrying only ‘one cloak’. Also finding the courage to relocate may lead us more directly to establish the lifestyle and love-style of ‘holding all things in common’ – sharing all with all to meet our everyday needs and desire for security, support and stimulation graciously given and received, via evolved relational union

Less stimulation at work can work in our favour. Taking on a job that entails decreased mental drain, may mean that we are more likely to gain more time and energy to devote to projects on our ‘bucket list’ – projects that align with our actual values and life goals.


Here’s hoping communitarians everywhere have woken this morning – this new day with renewed vigour and motivation to make union a reality in their lives, sooner rather than later – even if it means moving on from jobs, leaving friends, family and relationships.

Possibly some who are restless, hungry to integrate greater depth to social-emotional and economic association, will even make the radical move to relocate to other countries where communitarian unions have already begun seeding.

Perhaps some will put their hand up to project plan and manage ‘gatherings’ in regions they know well and are currently established.

It is our hope that those who can demonstrate that they have the first two principles and practices of communitarian union, firmly integrated into their everyday lives, will begin to ‘gather’ in their local regions by hosting ‘evolved living nutrition’ workshops that entail ‘living kitchen’ demonstrations, combined with communal meal sharing.

From there, the groups that form, can progress further by collaboratively facilitating ‘personal progression’ experiential weekend workshops that demonstrate the benefits of aligning our mission and values through daily journaling, expressions of gratitude, active meditation, planning for progression and productivity, as well as, a weekly personal rest day.

Planning and promoting these types of events on social media, are a great way for communitarians to ‘gather’ where they are, with the ultimate aim of seeding union the region where they are already perhaps established enough to bring together those ready, willing and able to ‘live’ communal union – sharing all with all.