Honouring The Vital

Element of Air

From the second year of association and beyond, the daily practice of contemplation of the element of air represented by ‘Life Force’ is usually undertaken by communitarians ‘the Hour Before Dawn’. By taking time to be alone in the early mornings to contemplate the wonder and mystery of the gift of ‘life’, communitarians seek to evolve the intelligent expression of consciousness – an invisible force made manifest through thought, word and deed.

Reverencing Nature

Traditionally, in nature reverencing cultures, the element of Air is deemed to be connected to the direction of East, the energy of Dawn, and the season of Spring. Similarly, communitarians also reverence the element of air that makes life possible by facing the East and waiting upon the first rays of light that usher in a new day along with new opportunities to prepare the ground and sow the seeds of perpetual peace and ‘common wealth’ secure provisioning of all that ensures quality of life, liberty, and continuance for people, animals and planet.

Recognizing Intelligent Design & Organization

For people, plants, animals and the Earth itself, Air is the vital element that ensures survival, growth and continuance. In the same way the breath expands our lungs, likewise the element of air expands our minds. Associated with the nervous system, Air is the element representing intellect – the faculty of reason, inspiration, imagination and intelligent design and organisation.

Akin to the development, maintenance and preservation of complex relational unions, the nervous system is likewise a complex and highly specialised network that must be stimulated, provided nourishment and protected. It organises and explains as well as directs interactions between us and the environments in which we live, love and co-create.

The nervous system controls sight, hearing, taste, smell, and sensation, along with voluntary and involuntary functions which include movement, balance, and coordination. This central component of human physiology also regulates the actions of most other body systems such as blood flow and blood pressure and also provides the constructs and conditions that make intelligent reason along with the storage and recall of memories and language, possible.

Greeting the Dawn with Positive Intentions

Communitarians rise well before sunrise to visualise and ‘script’ their role in ushering in the promised era of perpetual peace and ‘common wealth’ secure provisioning of all that ensures the quality of life, liberty and love for all. Through ‘scripting’ positive thoughts and setting constructive intentions before first light, communitarians contribute much to the peace and harmony, as well as, the progress of formed and forming Communal Unions across the globe founded on the principles and practices of ‘Liberated Love’ that makes possible, the sharing of all with all.

Forging the path toward Personal Progression through reflective journalling

During the early morning observance of aligning with attributes of the vital element of Air, communitarians utilize the self-knowledge technique of journaling to explore the thoughts and feelings surrounding unsolved past experiences, conflicts and discontent within their current environment as well as identify unfulfilled needs and expectations of the future. Through utilising this element of Personal Gestalt practice, communitarians learn to apply the necessary personal growth technique of reflection to progress toward perceiving the human condition as a whole.

The most constructive type of reflection involves honest in-depth consideration and analysis of both positive and negative past thoughts, experiences and relationship interactions, as well as, planning and execution of personal and collaborative missions and projects. Carving out time in the early mornings and late evenings provides the mind with the opportunity to sort through and consider the deeper meaning of observations and experiences. This valuable gestalt practice helps communitarians interpret the past and thereby forge a direct path toward a future grown from the vision and instruments that secure networks of communal unions demonstrating the principles and practices of ‘Liberated Love’ underpinning the infrastructure and organising systems that make ‘sharing all with all’ a feasible joyous reality.

In concise terms: personal gestalt practice moves those earnestly committed to personal progression toward understanding past and current experience as life lessons that develop wisdom, understanding and deep compassion necessary to develop and sustain fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others. Through diligent efforts to ‘Know Thyself’, communitarians also acquire the capacity to know and understand others on a deeply intimate level providing the foundations of caring, sharing and mutually supportive enduring bonded union.

Air Is Free & So Are We

Starting and ending the day with the contemplation of the vital element of air draws communitarians toward alignment with the universal law of freely giving and freely receiving. While we may still be in the grips of primitive barbaric tyrannical rule and systems of economic extraction that exploit people, animals and the planet, it is imperative that communitarians not lose sight of the hope and expectation that conditions on Earth will change for the better. 

When enough of the population catch hold of the vision that there will come a day when everyone, regardless of race, age or circumstance will have access to the Earth’s resources according to need, rather than greed, the wheels to be set in motion to allow for rapid conversion to fair and just systems of distribution of all that is required to sustain quality of life and liberty for people, animals, and the planet.

As communitarians committed to living the principles and practices of union, our central mission is to help make the earth a better place to live for current and future generations of people and animals as well as protect, conserve and extend the ecosystems that support us.

The early morning observance of honouring the vital element of Air, firmly establishes the hope and promise that every effort we make to evolve our habits, diets, communication, relationships and willingness to share, brings the world that much closer to ushering in the promised Era of perpetual peace and ‘common wealth’ secure provisioning for all.