'living the constitution'

Suggesting that the current installed, growth-dependent, haphazard global monetary system could be replaced with an accurately calculated and evenly distributed need-based birth-right access system of production capable of providing every man, woman and child on the planet with all that is necessary to sustain their existence, may appear to those who are oblivious to the underlining causes of the cycles of boom and bust which daily ravage society and planet,  nothing more than indulgence in storybook fantasy.

For those who are caught up – distracted and all-absorbed in the hurry and scurry of maintaining the status quo, which most are consciously or unconsciously locked in; to be asked to take a step back and look at the reasons why they accept living under economic and political structures that are so unstable and entirely unable to deliver the promised security laid out in the constitution – more often than not, can only be met with hostility.

Give us this day our daily bread

Thus far, the currently accepted systems which distribute the resources necessary to sustain life, liberty and happiness, have proven to be entirety unstable – incalculably unpredictable. Yet despite this wasteful economic non-systematized method of production’s failure to deliver on its promises, the bulk of the populace who suffer under its fickle dictates, remain largely unwilling to critically examine the reasons they; along with everyone else who inputs such a system, never win the prize.

Across the globe, millions of workers strive, day after day – put their backs into it – commit their all; yet never resolve the issues of only ever managing to sustain themselves and their families beyond a level of just off broke, insecure income. North, south, east and west, the majority of mankind share the same fate. It is a ridiculous reality that after all the billions spent on space exploration, we cannot get it right down here, on earth where we are bound, first and foremost.

Wage-slaves everywhere, share the worst of conditions in common rather than sharing the best of all the world has to offer, in common. Most of their homes are encumbered by a mortgage. Therefore those who have signed their names to debt in order to put a roof over their heads, secure that roof, only for as long as they have the capacity to pay the principle and interest on the money borrowed for each and every brick and board that holds that roof up.

If the worker is not tied to a mortgage, they will be at the mercy of a landlord, who cares not for their peace and security – only that he receives the maximum return on the capital invested in property. And by that definition few tenement houses, flats or hovels ever receive the maintenance and upgrades that ensure these human habitats are fit to accommodate more than animals. As an example, in Australia, it is not only to interest rate hikes that come out of nowhere, but also unemployment tossing them out of those same houses – literally landing them on the street.

It is an everyday occurrence; workers are laid off. Or else the boss’s whipping stick is lashed just that one time too many, and it’s all over red rover. The roof over the workers head is gone. Suddenly their worst fears are realized. They’re out on the street, joining the millions of others who were bounced out of their homes months, or years ago by relentless corporations who had no conscious about moving off-shore to enslave those who are even worse off than those who use to depend on that industry for their livelihood.

Trading Places

For more than three decades, workers in capitalist countries have sat back powerless as their jobs have flown off-shore to countries such as China and India as well as host of other unregulated wage countries in East Asia and further afield. Anywhere where a   it is those who have no other choice but to virtually work for nicks in order to survive who take the laid-off worker’s place.  fighting over the crumbs that fall from conscienceless corporate entities, ever more heavily ladened tables.

In isolated pockets all over the world, people are waking up to the reality that organising the means of producing the goods and services we all need to secure life, liberty and happiness cannot be had via the prescription of capitalism.

The stats show that for the majority of those living under ‘every man for himself’ irrational systems of ‘user must pay whatever is the demanded price’, basic necessities of life such as health care; which includes dental, regular optometry, physio, mental health, along with basic dietary support, are out of reach.

Millions simply cannot afford the health care they need to live painfree, integrated, well-adjusted, productive, happy lives. Old people – young people – children… go without. What other choice do have when they don’t have the money? All they can do is put up and shut up. Lock themselves away behind a closed door; that is if they are lucky enough to afford a door to lock and hide behind…  suffer in silence… because who care anyway?

Neglect and abandonment of common concern for the aid and welfare of our neighbour is easy enough to justify. After all we’ve had centuries of practice singing hymns in church on Sunday, but then turning a blind eye… crossing to the other side of the street every other day of the week… literally stepping over the bodies on the sidewalk.

We don’t want to see those that are worse off than us, because it puts the fear of God into us. Reminds us that we’re just one pay check away from standing in their shoes – going to the street, or ending up in tent cities, ourselves.  Equally so we don’t look, because we think, ‘what can I do? I can’t throw the little I have at them when I need every dollar I earn to survive myself.’

That’s how the average wage-slave has to operate. That’s the situation. It’s dog eat dog. Survival of the fittest; or the most selfish and devious.

Until poverty affects them… until they’re laid off… until they finish university saddled with a mountain of debt, yet are otherwise credentialed to the hilt, but still can’t get a job… those enslaved and thus dependent on corporate entities for their sustenance, aren’t troubled to investigate the root cause of the problems of those on the other side of ‘the have and have not’, ledger. 

While the average Joe and Josephine rides high… scarcely getting by, he and she won’t even consider throwing their time or energy at anyone else’s issues other than their own. That’s the cold hard facts. Which is precisely how the system is designed; to keep everybody’s head down and bum up, competing – fighting even, for a chance to tread the profit-mill for the masters who own these mills.

Whether we can muster the courage to face the stark, ugly truth or not, it is what it is. Conglomerates of conscienceless masters own our houses, own the food on our plates, own the car in the drive, own the factory and office that doles out just enough income to keep us just off broke.

In effect, from the cradle to the grave, we are not free men.  If we don’t own the means of production and have no say in its distribution then we are slaves. Someone owns our person – owns what and when we learn what we do – determines our right to eat or to not eat. Likewise, someone other than the individual, the citizen, determines whether they live in a house or out on the street.

Equally so, it is not ‘we the people’ who determine our right to clothes on our backs, or the mode of transport needed to get us to where we have to go, nor if we are entitled to get our teeth fixed. Thus ‘we the people’ are forced to sell ourselves in order to live… forget the lofty ideals of liberty and happiness. These are mere rhetoric the majority can only afford to daydream about.

And so the dysfunctional profit before people economic system of production and distribution continues on, crashing and burning, putting asunder precious non-renewable resources – wasting the world, unobstructed. Who makes an objection? Who protests? Who demands accountability, justice, preservation of the natural environment, protection of the vulnerable?

Trading Places


Trading Places