A sharing economy

aligning with the principles & practices of 'holding all things in common'

In the fifth year of association, communitarians transition into participation in the sharing economy – the major building block of communal unions – sharing all with all, ‘holding all things in common’. Communitarians who have aligned their lives with the previous four principles and practices, now make ready to adjust their contributions and consumption to align with the principle and practice of responsible stewardship of communal resources and provisioning services.

Throughout the fifth year of association communitarians dedicate their time and attention to acquiring the knowledge and skill-base to enable them to contribute to the responsible stewardship of local, regional and global shared ‘common wealth’ facilities, resources and equipment. Via the tutoring of those who have ‘proven’ responsible stewardship of ‘the common purse’, communitarians now avail themselves of the opportunity to acquire the skills of ‘wise’ management of the daily production and expenditure of both resources and labour. 

The central objective is to skill all those in association with the communal unions to be accountable for ‘right use’ of all that sustains perpetual peace and shared ‘common wealth’, as well as, contributes to the ability to ‘gift’ support to others to move into sustainable secure, ‘common wealth’ union.