eat from the living trees

The practice of ‘eating from the Living Trees’ is the central principle of ‘Living Nutrition’ that aligns the communitarian with both the attainment of health and also ethical dietary choices that respect ‘the right to life’ of all living creatures. 

For these reasons, Fruits are the mainstay of the communitarian diet along with nuts, seeds and soft leafy greens together with solarised pure living water. 

Evolving our diets to eat predominately the fruits of living trees is the only diet and lifestyle that has the potential to reforest the earth. The major benefit of adopting a diet of rich in the fruits of living trees is the stabilization of both air and soil temperatures. 

Once fruiting trees are planted, the soil is mulched and left undisturbed throughout the grove’s lifetime, which is anywhere between 40 to 300 years.

By keeping humankind’s symbiotic relationship with the animals, forefront of their minds, communitarians partake not of the dead bodies of their warm-blooded friends. 

For both health and morality’s sake, communitarian’s regard their own lives and the lives of all living creatures, as sacred, and thereby worthy of honour and preservation.

Akin to any change in diet and lifestyle, adaption must be undertaken intelligently and with patient commitment. Armed with knowledge of the correct process the majority of communitarians make the transition to Living Nutrition within the first year of association with the Communal unions. Accepting the support of those who have mastered the diet and lifestyle for many years, and who are thriving, is sure to make the journey to vibrate health and well-being, smooth and easy.

Prevention of disease and maintenance of health are the most enduring catastrophic problems plaguing humanity. Throughout the ages and down to our current era, disease and suffering have barred humankind from achieving ‘lives worth living’.  

Adopting a diet and lifestyle of LIVING FOODS – EATING FROM THE LIVING TREES provides the solution to both the problem of disease prevention, and also ensures the maintenance of health that includes vital energy, strength and longevity.

Achieving this aim is not rocket science. By simply observing nature, we see that every animal, bird, insect and marine creature has a diet specific to their species, and they always eat their food raw. No land or marine animal, bird or insect, ‘fires their food.’ None – except humans.

Grains, meat, eggs and dairy are cheap. Fruit is expensive. However, this situation can easily be reversed. When is the best time to plant a fruit tree? Twenty years ago. The second-best time is Today. By learning about, supporting and contributing to the development of COOPERATIVE FRUIT FORESTS – LIVING NUTRITION can be the birth-right to every man, woman and child across the globe within 2 generations, or forty years. Let’s start today.

Communitarians seek daily to align their food choices and way of receiving nourishment to feed and strengthen their bodies in alignment with their ethics and goals to live lightly and intelligently upon the earth, while sharing and caring for each other, for animals and the earth itself.  

It is upon these principles that Living Kitchens are designed and commissioned to carefully and consciously, supply the conduits of evolved thought, word and deed, in practical sustainable ways.

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